How long does Aquashine last

A line of products Aquashine from the South Korean holding Caregen LTD is designed for powerful biorevitalization of any skin types – even the thinnest and driest. What are the features of the product and how long does Aquashine last? In this article we will look at this product and will be able to give you a full description.

What are the Aquashine products?

These biorevitalizants are able to retard the aging of the dermis at the cellular level. They suppress the processes of excessive melanin formation and decrease the amount of latent pigments. The composition of the preparations includes hyaluronic acid, as well as vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes, nucleic acids and minerals. But the main components are biomimetic peptides, which are analogues of human peptides.

Peptides are organic substances that regulate the state of cells. When injected into the body, they make the cells work properly. There is a restorative effect on the affected organ or tissue by normalizing the work at the cellular level. And without any chemical or surgical intervention! Even after the first procedure the skin looks smooth, radiant, firm and taut.

What is unique about Aquashine BTX?

It’s the most powerful product in terms of efficacy. The product is compatible with thin, sensitive and also aged skin, it is used as a means of accelerating rehabilitation after traumatic influences or surgery. It has an updated formula with anti-aging peptides that reduce facial muscle activity during facial expressions, which helps smooth out existing wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new wrinkles and creases. The effect is similar to Botox.

In addition to the main peptides, Aquashine BTX is formulated with Oligopeptide-62, which relieves muscle hypertonicity and reduces facial expressions, and Oligopeptide-29 to improve collagen and elastin synthesis. The combination of these peptides with low-molecular hyaluronic acid is exactly what leads to a decrease in the activity of facial muscles (botulinum-like effect), although less pronounced than with the classical botulinum toxin.

Duration of the effect

Aquashine biorevitalization is a course treatment requiring an average of 3-5 treatments. For a sustained effect, it is recommended to perform maintenance treatments twice a year. A well-defined result can be seen in two weeks. For intensive treatment, six sessions of treatments at 2-week intervals and up to six more maintenance therapy sessions over the course of a year are possible. The effect is seen immediately. It reaches its maximum after 2 weeks of treatment. The treated results last from one year and longer. So these preparations are effective and can offer you long-lasting effects on the skin.

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