Can I sleep on my face after Juvederm?

Injection of natural substances inside the muscle is a popular way to change the appearance, to perform contouring. The result is visible immediately after the procedure, and the process itself does not cause painful sensations. Modern ways of introducing the drug do not traumatize the soft tissues and reduce the amount of swelling. Can I sleep on my face after Juvederm?

Lip augmentation: about the procedure

Lip augmentation with the help of contouring and the introduction of hyaluronic acid intramuscularly – this is a popular procedure that helps to make the appearance more attractive. The natural product is perfectly absorbed by the body and is not rejected when injected. Injections of hyaluronic acid give lips a volume depending on the place of injection, changing their shape. With such a method, any defects can be easily corrected, including asymmetry, adhesions and scars in the mouth area. 

The first days 

To correct the contour of the lips, various preparations are used, which differ in composition. There are silicone and biopolymer gels, as well as substances based on collagen or hyaluronic acid. Recently, biopolymer gels and other synthetic preparations have been losing relevance due to the fact that they cause the greatest number of complications. 

Hyaluronic acid is most often used, as it helps the body restore the hydrolipidic balance, stimulates rejuvenation processes and is gradually eliminated from the body naturally. Regardless of the natural components of the injections used for contour plastics, perceived by the human body as a foreign substance. Therefore, in the first days after the procedure, there are some unpleasant symptoms, which then disappear. These include:

  • small swellings and swellings in the places where the substance is inserted;
  • local reddening;
  • hemorrhages in the puncture area;
  • painful sensations.

Minimizing such reactions is helped by a preliminary test for sensitivity to the serum components. A slight swelling of tissues occurs in any case. It is the body’s response to the use of the substance. On its own, this effect passes after 2-3 days. To alleviate the condition, special tonic compresses with ice are used. They are applied for 2-3 minutes at intervals of 2-3 hours. 

Can I sleep on my face after lip augmentation?

The first few days you can only sleep on your back upside down. Even sleeping on your side is prohibited, as your lips may come into contact with the pillow, which will lead to deformation. Later on there may be changes to this rule, but you should consult a specialist.

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