Aquashine benefits

Aquashine biorevitalization is currently at the peak of popularity, because the Korean biotechnology offers, in fact, a universal solution for any skin based on hyaluronic acid and more than 50 beneficial components. South Korean pharmaceutical concern Caregen has worked out the composition in detail, including the most effective and biocompatible with our skin substances for its regeneration not on the surface level, but on the cellular level. Korean meso cocktails have long been the favorite of cosmetologists around the world, and for good reason: the company’s biotechnology specialists have been working on the formula for over 30 years, perfecting it. In this article, we’ll talk about Aquashine benefits.

In Caregen’s laboratories the purest hyaluronic acid is synthesized for one of the richest in quantity and quality components of meso preparation. Aquashine gels, compared to most competing European and American biorevitalization, have a more multi-functional, comprehensive effect on the corrected areas – the bio-cocktail not only smoothes wrinkles but also permanently solves the problems of hyperpigmentation, dullness, freckles, couperose, dryness and flabbiness of the facial skin.

Glowing and healthy skin with Aquashine: a triple effect

As many years of practice shows, the effect of this highly effective Korean biorevitalization fully corresponds to its name: after the injection the skin becomes deeply moisturized, light and shining, its healthy structure appears, the face looks attractive and very natural. Skin with hyper-dryness, loss of elasticity and wrinkles is instantly saturated with hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 15%. Such a high concentration of the active ingredient is almost a record among other revitalizants.

Biotechnologists took into account all possible causes of skin deterioration and included a complex of counteracting ingredients into Aquashine formula. Biomimetic peptides, the South Korean gel’s visiting card, slow down aging processes, eliminating not only the manifestations but also the causes of aging changes. The anti-aging effect lasts as long as 6 months. The multi-component formula guarantees a triple effect:

  • Shine – skin becomes radiant,
  • Anti-Age: a course of the product is able to smooth out surface wrinkles,
  • Push-up – improved skin turgor creates a non-surgical lifting effect.

But in truth, the drug also has its disadvantages. First, it is the lack of anesthetic – lidocaine – in the composition. The process of preliminary anesthesia is now easily solved by treating the areas with external analgesic creams.

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